Provide an experience around the content you send

PointDrive introduces a way to turn attachments and links into engaging presentations that track recipient activity

Sales Engagement Software

Humanize your message

Prospects and clients are more likely to engage when they know who is selling to them. PointDrive lets you personalize your sales message.

Add a profile photo, include your logo, and apply a customized cover photo to give your client a personalized experience.

“PointDrive helps organize the information we send prospects into a presentation that is engaging and showcases the salesforce brand well.” – Matthew O’Neal

Sales Presentation Tips

Lead with your content

PointDrive puts your sales collateral front and center. Adding content is as easy as drafting an email, but with PointDrive you engage your clients with a branded and dynamic presentation.

Include word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, URL links, and videos all in one cohesive presentation.

“We are rolling PointDrive out to all of our agents… PointDrive will allow them to present themselves as the premier service that we are and close business faster.” – Thaddeus Wong

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Look good everywhere

In an increasingly mobile world, you need to know your clients can access your information anywhere. PointDrive ensures your content is easily read on any device or browser.

“As I looked for my next opportunity, PointDrive took the mystery out of the process. I knew if and when the company opened my information and could follow-up with confidence” – Jacquie Butler

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effective presentations for sales professionals

Follow Up Strategically

PointDrive tells you exactly what is happening with the content you share. Use this data to follow up in realtime with the right information.

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