Revolving Collections Gallery uses Insights to anticipate what their client wants

By January 28, 2014 AMBASSADORS

Laura Cartwright is the co-founder and lead curator for Revolving Collections Gallery (RCG), a Chicago based art consulting firm that leases and sells original artwork to hotels and other corporate clients.

Laura uses PointDrive to send images of artwork she thinks will be a great fit for a client’s space.  Since artwork is such a personal thing, and opinions can vary widely as to what is good and what is bad, Laura likes to send a collection of different options in her initial proposals.

“I love how PointDrive let’s me add my thoughts right alongside the image of the artwork.  It lets me explain why I think it’s a good fit while the client is looking at the image.”

While the design of PointDrive is perfect for Laura’s business, she has also found unexpected value in using the Insights feature to sell faster.

“Our clients are office managers, property managers or, increasingly, property developers.  Artwork is a must for their space, but we realize they have hundreds of other pressing matters on their mind.  It’s not uncommon for me to send a proposal and not hear back from a client for several weeks.”

Prior to using PointDrive Laura was left in the dark for those several weeks.  The proposal would include many different types of artwork and ask the client to begin narrowing the choices by providing feedback.  Without clear direction, Laura had a hard time moving forward until she heard from the client.

With PointDrive’s Insights Dashboard, she has found she can make educated guesses as to where the client is leaning, and begin preparing well ahead of actually hearing back from the client.

“The first time I used PointDrive I was shocked when I got the alert that my presentation had been opened almost immediately after I sent it.  I always assumed my presentations sat in their inbox for weeks and that’s why it took so long to hear from them.

Anyway, once I saw that my client had opened the presentation, I started following their activity in the Insights Dashboard.  I noticed the client repeatedly viewed an abstract painting I included in the presentation.  While I didn’t hear anything specific from him, I assumed this meant he liked this one.  I decided to start sourcing abstract work that fit this profile.  He called a few weeks later and said he was ready to move forward and, sure enough, really liked the abstract piece from the proposal.  I was able to tell him I had the work ready and could install as soon as the next day.  He was surprised, but happy, with how quickly I could deliver.”

Laura reports that prior to using Insights she would have fielded that same call, learned that the client liked abstract work, and then would have spent a week or so sourcing work that fit the clients needs.  PointDrive gave her the ability to anticipate her client’s needs and get the job done faster.

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